• Rka luka 1

    Maritime and transport law

    P&I (Club) insurance and hull & machinery insurance;
    Listed P&I correspondents
    Maritime insurance and reinsurance
    Maritime court litigation and arbitration
    Intort liability
    Damage to cargo and vessels
    Arrest and enforcement of vessels
    Damage remuneration due to personal injury and fatal accidents
    Sea accidents and collision at sea (General Average)
    Salvage and wreck removal
    Assisting in survey of vessels, cargo, equipment, cargo holds
    Registration of vessels and mortgages
    Financing of vessels and vessels under construction
    Sale and purchase of the vessels
    Vessel construction and repair
    Vessel lease agreements
    Cruisers and passenger vessels
    Maritime domain and concessions
    Air traffic
    Road and rail transportation of goods
    Multimodal transport

  • osiguranje i reosiguranje II

    Insurance and reinsurance

    Insurance contracts
    Insurance products
    Disputes and arbitration
    Out of Court and alternative dispute resolution
    Incorporation of insurance companies and subsidiaries
    Shipping/aviation/road transport insurance
    Insurance in commercial law
    Insurance in energy sector

  • rijesavanje sporova i arbitraza

    Dispute resolution and arbitration

    International disputes and arbitration
    Debt collection and debt enforcement
    Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitration awards
    Alternative dispute resolution
    Maritime/civil/commercial/labour law/ insurance / intellectual property protection disputes

  • energija i infrastruktura

    Energy and infrastructure

    Regulatory and compliance
    Investments in oil and gas industry
    Infrastructural projects
    Renewable energy projects (solar power plants, wind power plants, cogeneration plants etc.)
    Legal due diligence
    Public tenders
    Public Private Partnership

  • bankarstvo i finacije

    Banking and finance

    Legal advising and drafting of banking transaction documents
    Legal due diligence
    Legal opinions
    Loans, syndicated loans, guarantees and deposits
    Other banking products
    Bond issuance
    Other financial products

  • trziste kapitala

    Capital markets

    Initial public offering (IPO)
    Listing of securities on stock exchange
    Preparation of prospectus
    Investment funds
    Stock exchange regulatory matters
    Representation before Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency

  • upravno i porezno pravo

    Administrative and tax law

    Representation in administrative proceedings
    Representation in administrative disputes
    Tax on yachts (leasing, purchase, sale, import)
    Representation in tax and customs proceedings
    Representation in inspection supervision proceedings
    Representation in expropriation proceedings
    Representation in the procedures for the return of confiscated property

  • stecaj, likvidacije, restrukturiranje

    Bankruptcy, liquidation, restructuring

    Initiating a bankruptcy proceedings
    Representing in bankruptcy proceedings
    Representing in Creditor Boards
    Conducting liquidation proceeding
    Representing in pre-bankruptcy settlement proceedings
    International bankruptcy proceeding

  • radno pravo

    Labour law

    Employment of foreigners
    Employment Contracts and Manager Contracts
    By-Laws and other Employer’s General Acts
    Restructuring program
    Redundancy social security plan
    Layoffs and Termination of Employment Agreements
    Safety at work
    Employment disputes

  • pripajanje, spajanje i akvizacije

    Mergers and acquisitions

    Structuring of complex M & A deals
    Legal due diligence
    Drafting of transaction documents
    Share/Stock purchase agreements
    Public takeover offers
    Squeeze out

  • javna nabava i zastita trzisnog natjecanja

    Public procurement and protection of market competition

    Public procurement procedures
    Notification of the intention of concentration to the Competition Agency
    Prohibited agreements between undertakings (vertical and horizontal)
    Legal issues related to abuse of market position
    State aid

  • intelektualno vlasnistvo

    Intellectual property

    Contentious matters pertaining to patents, trademarks, designs and copyrights
    Non-contentious matters pertaining to patents, trademarks, designs and copyrights
    Licenced trademark and patent agents experienced on patent matter before the WIPO (World
    Intellectual Property Organization) and before the State Intellectual Property Office in Croatia
    Legal counselling on all areas of IP law
    Drafting Licensing Agreements /Agreements on Transfer of Rights and various kinds of Copyrights
    Domain registrations, domain renewals

  • nekretnine i gradnja

    Real estate and construction

    Tourism projects (hotels, apartments)
    Real estate due diligence
    Consulting on investments in hotels and tourism development projects
    Sale and purchase agreements
    Lease, rent, leasing, right to build, sell and lease back
    Design and construction agreements
    Land registry and Cadastre registrations
    Urban planning

  • trgovacko pravo i pravo drustva

    Corporate and commercial

    General legal counselling in commercial and corporate law matters
    Incorporation and companies’ management legal issues
    Drafting of By-laws, Shareholders Agreements as well as specific shareholders and members agreements
    Companies’ conversion
    Statutory changes
    Distribution agreements
    Sale and purchase agreements
    Joint venture agreements
    Other commercial agreements